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    Well dress up games I’m sorry to hear that. You’ve seen these procedures. You said it yourself. dress up games No, Grace. dress up games Eve, please. You have to do this for me. I’m not a doctor. I’m not trained for this. There’s no one else. I know what I’m asking of you. But this isn’t about me. I couldn’t bear it if Arthur arrived home to more pain than he endured out there. And how much pain would you cause him if you were to die? Would your fiancé still have you if you were carrying another man’s child? Do you have a picture of him? Your husband? I hope he’s worth it, Grace. That’s a hell of a thing you did for me, dress up games . All three of us are getting out of here, Private. Aye, dress up games . dress up games , I mean no disrespect, but I can’t help thinking there’s something you’re not telling me. And what makes you say that? Every chance you get you’re looking at your watch. Whatever it is, I can handle it. Tell him, Arthur. All right, then. We failed in taking the trenches back. So at : hours, the big boys will be smashing these lines again. Hard. 😕 minutes. We’re close, dress up games . We can make it. There’s a medic’s kit caught in the barbed wire not ten yards away. If we can patch him up, we might have a chance. All right. It’s worth a shot. Cover me. dress up games Are you ready? dress up games Yes. All right. Well done. dress up games ? Our boys must know we’re out here, right? They’ll stop the bombing. I mean dress up games they’ll have to. I think it’s safe to assume they have no idea. When the bombardment starts, we’ll make a run for it. I think he’ll have a better chance of making it if we stick together. dress up games dress up games He’ll make it. What if it were Frankie lying here, dress up games ? Would you still be risking our lives for him? You think because the man has his eyes closed he can’t hear you? He’s times the man you are! The only reason he’s here dying is because he had the courage to do his duty.

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