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Sporty Fashion


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Dress Up Games Oh, my God. Dress Up Games What? This is the worst idea of our fives. The Lower Lower Garden District? Hm! People don’t even know this neighbourhood exists. No, that’s actually not true. That’s not true. White people don’t know that this neighbourhood exists. This neighbourhood is on the upswing. I read all about it in “Dwell”. You’re not just a little nervous in this house? Hey. There is not one thing to be afraid of in this house. Dress Up Games OK? Dress Up Games OK. Oh, my God! Honey! Get something! Goodness gracious, y’all gave me a fright! What are you doing out there? I’m so sorry Dress Up Games I was just standin’ in your breezeway like some kind of ne’er Dress Up Games do Dress Up Games well. Well, come on in. Make yourself at home. I absolutely will do that, thank you very much. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Fresnel Edmonds. I live across the way over here. And you are Jack and Vanessa! Jack, you’re a PhD student at Tulane University. How are you? Vanessa. You are an occupational therapist expecting your first baby. Dress Up Games Yep. Dress Up Games Wow. You know a lot about us. Come on, y’all Dress Up Games you can’t move into the ‘Maison de Sang’ and not raise a few eyebrows. Dress Up Games Frenell? Dress Up Games F’resnel. It’s spelled just like it sounds. Yeah, F Dress Up Games apostrophe Dress Up Games R Dress Up Games E Dress Up Games S Dress Up Games N Dress Up Games E Dress Up Games L. It’s really nice to meet you. It’s very nice to meet the two of you as well. Dress Up Games Sorry we screamed. Dress Up Games I’m sorry I screamed. Dress Up Games Did you say ‘Maison de Sang’? Dress Up Games Yeah. Oh, yeah. That’s what all the locals call it. That’s the name we’ve been using for years and years. Oh! Well, that’s cool. This place has a nickname already. It’s like ‘Tara’ or ‘Twelve Oaks’. Dress Up Games A little bit like that. Dress Up Games Well, that’s very Southern. It is very Southern. What does it mean? Dress Up Games ‘House of Blood’. Dress Up Games What?

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