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Sport models 4

Sport models 4


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Sport models 4 Description

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Sport models 4 the pine trees and rubber leaves I thought we’d never run out Heavy as sin in the strong winds south Heavy as sin In the strong winds south Heavy as sin In the strong winds south. Can I see you? What are you hiding under there? Nothing. Scared? I am. Don’t cut me. All right. Ow! Oh, God! Sorry. Damn it. You thought that was funny, huh? I thought you fucking cut me. All right. All right. You got close. You got close. Yeah, well, I didn’t. Let me do it. Let me do it. Nice. Wow. You got hair all over you. Oh, man. I look ridiculous. Cash. Sitting by the river with my pretty little lady Gonna sing a song and everyone’s gone Noonday sun been beat Game Morning, sunshine. Morning, pretty boy. What’d you do with my friend, man? What’d you do to your face? You missed out. I fell in love last night. You sure? Come on, bud. Get out of there. Shit, be easy on me. Oh, God damn, you’re heavy. Fucking Christ. That hurt? You all right? No. No, I’m not all right. I figured out some shit last night, though. When anyone tries to love me Game I push them away, make them hate me. I also figured out I might have a drinking problem. Maybe. Then I was thinking, man Game I don’t really like myself, man. You know? Fuck. Come on. Where’s he at? He’s out back. Guard that with your life. Step outside. Shh. You know who I am? Mmhmm. Do you know why I’m here? I’m looking for a great big Mojave going by the name of Robert Wolf. He came by here yesterday. What did he want? Money. And? Came by with a white guy. Was it Irish? No, some other white guy. Irish doesn’t live here anymore. Good. Now, which way did he go? I don’t know. You don’t know? And you know where Irish lives, don’t you? Don’t know. You know what? I believe you. Who’s Irish? Um, you know, Irish. He’s Timmy Murphy. You know, married to Wolf’s sister. They used to run together. It’s in the report. It’s in the report? Yeah. Yeah, I think. Maybe not. I don’t know. Irish is Timmy Murphy. There. Well, I’d like to meet him. Yeah, well, you can’t. He’s miles away. They’re up north now. They’re out of the picture.

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