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    Sport fashionOpen it. Help me. Drive, or I’ll blow your goddamned brains out. Somebody help me. Shut up. Please. Somebody help me. Hey, man, give us a break. Cut that shit out. Let go of me. Please let go of me. Get down, goddamn it. Get down. Get down. Hey, brother, look, man Game Hey, I’m cool. No. Hold your fire. Hold it. Hold it. No. Please. Please. Mister, don’t shoot. He’ll kill me and my baby. Please. Oh, God. Nobody’s dead yet. Let her down. Son of a Game You ain’t going to shoot when I got this pregnant bitch in front of me. Now back off. Or all these chumps on this bus are dead. Aah. Aah. I’m shot. My God, I’m shot. I’m shot. Aah. Is that the junk man? Yeah. Is he dead? Why don’t you shake him and see if he comes around? So a civilian got shot That’s no reason to transfer you, especially to that hole It’s Smiley, that schmuck He came in from nowhere You want to know what I think? No I think it’s shit, that’s what I think It’s a waste. You, busting hookers, perverts, and flashers? Jesus Christ. I mean, that’s really sick, Sharky. Thanks for trying to make me feel better, Joe. I mean, they got all losers down there. Thanks. You know what I mean. Listen, take your citations, for Christ’s sake. You earned them, you know? What the hell you taking that piece of shit for? Buy yourself a new lamp. Why do you need that crap? Can I help you carry anything, huh? I don’t think you’re going to need the vest. The last casualty they had in Vice was a suicide. You know what I mean? I don’t understand you. You take a stupid cup. You got citations up the kazoo, and you walk Game Sharky, wait. Um, I’m really sorry. What can I do? Have a heart attack. Yeah. Have , Smiley. You bimbo. Asshole. You told him, Shark. You want to know what I think? No. I’ve been in this force for years, and you are the best partner I’ve ever had. And that’s no shit. I mean, you’re a little crazy, you know? But I like you, and, uh, I’m never going to forget you. I’m never going to forget you, Jojo. Thanks, Shark. I appreciate that. I really do. I mean, ½ years together, right? Mmm.

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