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Sparkling Prom Princess

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  • Sparkling Prom Princess

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    But before you send them out, pleasecompare theoriginal with thedraft which I approved only very recently. My intention. Without beingchecked, no contract leaves theoffice. Very good. I knew I could rely on you. You must hurry. It’s almost four. And remember Mr. Stuart has apartment . Thank you. I’d like to know what theold fox wants from me. Goodbye, Sir. Goodbye, Mr Bird. Hello, Cora. It’s me, Edgar. He’s coming back tonight. I’ll be there, alright. Don’t worry. Sugar chickened out ever since he, your boss and this Inspector got together. Ah well, once you get mixed up with bums like that Game No character! I’ll take good care of your boss, don’t worry. Ciao, baby. I’vechanged your last will and testament exactly as you directed, Mr Stuart. I still have to read it to you again, I’m afraid Game The normal practice. Very well. But wait for Mr Parker. Then you’ll have to read it only once. Come in, please. Mr Parker, Sir. You see? On cue like nobody else. Show him in. This way, Sir. Thank you. Mr Stuart, I’m very happy to see you again. London hasn’t been thesame. I’m afraid your enjoyment will be very short lived. My solicitor, Dr Jeckyll. How do you do? How do you do? Dr Jeckyll, would you care to read now? Mr Stuart has had his will Game altered as follows: “After my demise I leaveand bequeath my entire wealth Game to Love and Peace for People. This is herewith declared now a void. As sole recipient, I now name my daughter out of wedlock, Susan Ward.” Your daughter’s alive? Yes, she’s alive. Where, I don’t know yet. Theonly thing I know is she’s alive. You can’t begin to imagine Game what that means to me, Mr Parker: A full grown daughter! A new leaseon lifeat my age. Mr Stuart, this testamentary occurrence is a gravedisappointment for us. But believe me when I say Game I fully understand your feelings as a father, and I’m sincerely happy for you. There’s one request though, I feel I ought to make. Please never forget our charitable work. I’m asking you if you’re now agreeable to give Scotland Yard Game your services?

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