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Sparkling Prom Princess Adventure

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  • Sparkling Prom Princess Adventure

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    Sparkling Prom Princess Adventure Description

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    Jack Frost says to sleep until Spring!” Sleep, until spring! Where has this little wonder come from? F-f-f-f-from home. Your home? Mmm-hmm. Are you warm, little girl? l’m quite warm, Father Frost. Quite warm. And now, are you warm, dear girl? l’m warm, Father Frost. Quite warm, Father Frost. I can see you’re a very good girl with a kind and gentle heart. Take my coat, my dear. And you, Father Frost… Won’t you get cold? Me? Cold? A little bird! No, don’t bother, my child. She’s gone forever. ln my scepter lies the power that spreads the frost. You’re wicked! You have no pity! No, please, I have pity! I pity this little bird, too! But… whoever touches my scepter, sleeps in the cold forever. What’s the matter, little girl? Goodbye, Father Frost. -What’s the matter, my dear? l’m freezing too. Hey, where is my fast-running sleigh! Come here, my magic ice sleigh! My sleigh! C’mon, you’ll soon warm up, my dear. We have yet to dance at your wedding! Ho ho ho, my slegh! Now we ride! Feeling warmer, my dear? Mmm-hmm! Nastenka…! Love…! Rubbish! But… so you don’t get cold, take a sheepskin coat. Yep, it’s dusty… Gesundheit! And don’t forget… What? What’s that?! It’s a sleigh! Magically self-propelled, too. lt will pull itself and guide you to Nastya! The coat is almost new… Don’t forget to return it! That was a nasty trick l played on him! Oh, I really need a nap! …and my back is killing me. Whoa, my good sleigh! Oh, l feel terrible! Oh, it’s worse than a fever… It’s worse than a cold! lt’s not an illness that wastes me, lt’s a wickedness that drains me. l can’t sleep any more, l can’t eat any more. That stranger got the better of me, poor old Baba Yaga! l wanted to eat him, but I couldn’t swallow. lnstead l myself ended up on a shovel. Pussy-cat, pussy-cat, come and have a little pat. You’ve gotten silken black fur, you purr a giant purr. You’ve got to help me, kitty cat, fly over the snow… And ruin lvan’s bride! And now we’ll have a big laugh! Don’t worry, my child. Everything will be all right. Ivan will never forget you. Now l’ll go and have a walk, checking on the forest to see if everything is in order. And you stay inside. Don’t feel lonely. l’ll be back soon! ls Nastenka in trouble?! Where are you going? You have the clean the stables! Nastenka! Nastenka! Kitty cat! Where are you going? “Whoever touches my scepter will never wake up again.” [hums his song to himself] This will not do. We must sprinkle you with frost. Oh, what a dimwit l am! l’m just an old fool. l’ve left my freezing scepter at home! Hello! Anyone at home? Who will open my front door for me? lt’s me, Nastenka! l’m back! Nastenka… Nastenka, my dear girl! What a dimwit l am! l’m just an old fool. l couldn’t protect Nastenka. Well? Good for you! Now l’ll give you a big reward! For this kitty… cream! Rich and fresh! You’ve earned it, Diabla. Change back! Change back! And for this red devil, sliced ham, all deviled! You’ve earned it, Porky! Greetings, lvan, widow’s son! Greetings, Grandfather Frost. Have you come for Nastenka? Nastenka!

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