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Space Channel 8 Dressup Time

Space Channel 8 Dressup Time


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Space Channel 8 Dressup Time Description

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This man is pretty vicious, Yilang. Don’t you worry about that. Hold this. I’ll show him what I’m made of. Upset stomach? You won’t catch me out that easily. I’m very supple. Have mercy. Please. Please forgive my son. Go home, now! This stupid son of mine isn’t too bright. Please forgive him. Actually, he’s not bad at all. The Badge. Yes, we should hand over the Badge to you. However, it is the Shaolin Master who has the final say in these matters. So, what say we meet at the Shaolin Temple in seven days’ time and you can receive it then? No one can compete with you anymore. The Badge is yours now. What’s the hurry? Why, it would ruin your good reputation should the community mistakenly believe that you had taken it by force. Very well, then. I shan’t embarrass you. We shall meet in seven days’ time. Goodbye. Pompous fool. Elder, you made fun of me. How could I be your son? I did you a favour. Otherwise you’d be dead by now. I could take him on. I doubt it. It’s far better to lure him back and let the Master take care of him. All those who do not belong to the Court, please leave. Very good, Master! Cognition! As a Shaolin disciple, you were wrong to steal the manual. You also murdered Master Shek and Purity on Shaolin ground. You deserve a harsh punishment. I have always abided by Shaolin laws and teachings. I have been set up. Please help me to clear my name. With hard evidence like the palm print, you won’t get away. If you were innocent, why did you flee? My father’s killer is still at large, and now we must deal with Luk Ching, who is demanding the Badge. I am not very experienced and I am unable to protect my father’s honour. So, here is the Badge. Please help me. Luk Ching? How old is he? About thirty. He practises the Seven Deadly Fists. The Seven Deadly Fists? That’s right. You are game I am Luk Ching. I understand that Master Shek has passed away. Obviously he must be replaced, so I have come to claim the Badge. We must establish where he learnt the Seven Deadly Fists. The Shaolin have not practised them for many a century,

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