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Space Channel 8 Dressup Adventure

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  • Space Channel 8 Dressup Adventure

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    Space Channel 8 Dressup Adventure Description

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    Did you stop, even for a second, to think about the consequences of what you’ve done here? All I know, mate, is if I divvent get my appeal date, I’ll be here every day doing this. Unbelievable. Every day? Every day. Tell you what, Ben, just phone the police. Okay. I cannae… Listen, mate, I cannot believe this now. This is out of our hands. We’re gonna have to phone the cops, man. Well, if youse had done your job like you should have done, I wouldn’t have had to resort to this. I cannot believe it. I cannot believe it. Go on, lad, give him a hand. Yes! Words of wisdom! You’re the man, wee man! Eh? eh? Yeah! Are youse out of work, mate? Are you … Are you Daniel Blake? I am Daniel Blake, yes. Hey, this is Daniel Blake! look at that. Yeah! Yeah! Hey! You look freezing, pal. Here, have my jacket. No, no. No, come on, man, have my jacket. It’s all right, son. Look after yoursel’, eh? Keep yoursel’ warm like. You’re a gentleman. So what’s, what’s your appeal all about? Liar! You’re… You’re under arrest on suspicion of criminal damage. Hey, a miscarriage of justice, eh. Slow down. Whoa. Back off. All right, all right, all right. What the ‘s going on? Eh? You should be arresting the wankers who came up with sanctions. Eh? That preachy baldy cunt. What’s his name? Ian Duncan what’s-his-face. Aye, and the posh s in their mansions who came up with the bedroom tax for disabled… Listen, youse are all gonna be out of a job anyway. Privatizing you, eh? All the Tories, man. Aye, members of the big club, eh. posh Eton twats. Sir Daniel Blake, pal! Hey, should be a statue made for you, pal. Sir Daniel Blake! Yer a beauty! Yay! So, what happens now? Right, this is a copy of the caution sheet. Because you fully admitted the offences and you’ve been of good character in the past, we’re cautioning you for the offence of criminal damage, under Section Five of the Public Order Act. But please remember that these can come back and haunt you if you re-offend. So try to keep yourself out of trouble. Aye. See him out, please. This way, Mr Blake. Dan. Dan! Come, I need to talk to you. We called you loads of times. Dan! Mum’s been so sad lately. Why don’t you speak to her? Don’t you have credit on the phone? I see you. We understand what happened to your heart. Mum spoke to one of your neighbours. We didn’t know about it. It’s cold out here. I’m freezing. Please, Daisy, I’m not feeling very well. I made you some couscous. And Dylan sent you his lollipop. He’s really missing you, too. Just go, Daisy, please. Can I ask you one question, Dan? Did you help us? Suppose so. So why can’t I help you? I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Daisy. I’m really sorry. You know, I’m not usually a nervous person, Katie, but I’m nervous about this. It’s only natural, Dan. I just want it done, you know? Yeah. Well, you’re prepared. You got all your papers. You’ve got a good, good person representing you. And then when you’re done, you can come, come to dinner to celebrate. The kids are really looking forward to seeing you. Hi, er, Daniel Blake.

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