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Spa game in African Adventure

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  • Spa game in African Adventure

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    Spa game in African Adventure Description

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    FELICE CRYING Secure that thing and float it! All right. Time to leave, sweetheart. [FELICE] Just leave me here, I can’t live without him. Suit yourself. Where is she? She’s in there, she wants to stay. What? She can’t stay! You go tell her that. Let’s float this around to your stern. Come on, come on. [ROTTGER] Don’t let it sink! Felice. I’m sorry he’s dead. Ow! It’s your fault. What the hell? Damn it! Wait! Get the hell off me, Felice! If you’d let me on my boat, he’d still be here! DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING Stay down! Shark wants to kill me, I understand. What’s your excuse? I don’t know what came over me. I.. I’ll still go with you, if you’ll let me. I’m sorry. Shark! The boat’s on fire! Untie that bow line! Just push off! Come on. SHRIEKING Dad! Dad, no! Dad Games Dad. SOFT MUSIC PLAYING Look, your dad would have wanted us to keep fighting. MUSIC CHANGES We’re gonna lure him to the boat, and then.. HIGH-PITCHED RINGING Damn it! That probably would have worked. EERIE MUSIC PLAYING Is your drone working? Well, I haven’t had a chance to get it up yet! Well, get it up, damn it! Go, come on! We’re gonna die out here. We might as well save some lives while we’re at it. Yeah, sure, why not? I’m gonna force feed it with this. But I gotta take it as low as possible first. How? [GINA] That! Wait, you’re gonna ride that thing? I’m gonna try. I gotta find the battery to this boat. Where is it? Right here, why? We’re gonna make sure it blows! Shift the wire. What? Shift the wires. Help me with this. Help me put it on. I’m gonna go down as far as I can go. And as soon as I do Games I’m gonna take off my oxygen tank, open it up Games and as soon as you see it come to the surface Games we’re gonna put those wires to the bolts of the battery. One to the red, one to the black. You got it! There’s no way this is gonna work. Do you have a better idea? Well, we could, uh.. we could, uh.. It’s totally gonna work. Okay. All right. So, if I can go down far enough, it’ll minimize the blast. I’m gonna have to get

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