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Spa And Makeover

Spa And Makeover


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Looking for other groups of people, with your dog game A boy of eight, nine years. Sebastian is encariñó with the people of the Sahel region. Again and again. Photos, the book and the exhibition of Lélia They called the world’s attention on droughts, and the fate of millions of lives. And unanswered questions about the cause of that situation. Then Sebastião turned to a topic that he spent another six years and countless trips to almost thirty countries. WORKERS The third volume of photographs conceived with Lélia. I wanted to pay a kind of homage all men and women who built our world. The archeology of the industrial era. Sebastian y Lelia investigaron and planned “Workers” meticulously. Then he again traveled to the four corners of the world. He photographed steelworkers in the Soviet Union, he lived with saboteurs ships in Bangladesh, sailed with fishermen in Galicia and Sicily, He showed the mechanical production of cars in Kolkata. He watched farmers in Rwanda, country had already visited, but as an economist. Now the mission was another. His perspective had changed, but he was the same. Driven by the same empathy for the human condition. With each episode of “workers” Sebastião was completely submerged in the field of manual labor. As the weeks passed with miners in the gold mines of Serra Pelada. In , at the end of the first Gulf War, Iraqi troops withdrew and Saddam Hussein set fire to thousands of oil wells. Thousands of firefighters from around the world descended on those oil fields. Sebastião had to go too, driven by curiosity of this explosive profession. When I saw the first images on TV, I knew I had to do that report. It was like working in a big theater. Some wells on fire. A scene set in huge, the size of a planet. No controlled us, we could go where we wanted. There were fumes, thick smoke, oil. All that accumulated smoke was so dense that the sun did not pass. Sometimes it was dark hours. After putting out the fire the ground was so hot, I had to throw a lot of water for cooling, if not,

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