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Spa And Makeover Time

Spa And Makeover Time


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Spa And Makeover Time Description

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How dare you ask me who am l one who is giving the party! Who is he drinking, eating and faltering? Your friend? Why did you call your friends only, why not your entire colony? Good idea. l tried sir, no time. Few people went out of station without information. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? l would’ve postponed the party. Entire colony would’ve descended here and cleaned the bar. They missed it sir. Do you know why l’m giving this party?- For drinks! Shut up! l don’t know sir. Do you know? Who wants to know it? Do you at least know it? What? You too don’t know. lt’s better to offer Subbu a Pepsi instead of giving you a party. Subbu is here! He’s coming great like a full bottle. Though l’m very busy, nobody here knows why l’m giving this party. You at least tell them. Balaraju is leaving his year old bachelor’s life to this bar. ls he giving up worldly life? No, he’s going to marry. Who is giving him a bride? Though somebody is giving him bride, he’s giving us a party, right? You too have a peg. No sir. Please come here. No sir Games lf you don’t drink, it’s sworn on me. Take it, Subbu. Saturday evening gathering in pub Games Monday to Friday we worked hard and turned mad Games Let’s relax and get recharged Games Let anyone say anything, the world is ours Games Culture which shows the right path Games lf not you’ll face the heat Games Everything is open Games Let’s rock it Games Oh l’m getting married Games Not their marriage Games Who are you? Who are you? Leave it! That’s my pant! Who the hell are you? You’re in my flat so l should ask you that. By the way, who are you? How could l come to your flat without knowing you? Why did you kidnap me and what have you done with me? Kidnap? l’m not worth that much. Where is my dress? Try to remember, were you wearing clothes last night? l’ll beat you with slippers. Look there! l think that’s your dress. How did it get tear? How did it happen? You did something with me. Don’t cry Games please don’t dry. l too don’t know what had happened last night. Trust me.

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