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Sofia The First Face Tattoo 2

Sofia The First Face Tattoo 2


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Sofia The First Face Tattoo 2 Description

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Sofia The First Face Tattoo 2 My daughter. I didn’t eat that much dust for years. A nice full glass for me and my friends. Well, what’s up? Hurry! Why are you standing there like this? We’re all dying of thirst here! We did at least miles for nothing. Did you see my friend, you good people? But how is that possible? Intelligence! Ever heard of it? I don’t think that’s the right start with my father. Why? I’m sure he’s glad he’s getting intelligent grandchildren. How dare you say that? Sheena! You have to explain this! But it’s all clear. I don’t know what needs to be explained. Come on! Come on, Marshal. Don’t be so shy! I just had a little disagreement with your friends. He fired six shots, Marshal. His gun is empty. Not anymore. The ghost of Arizona Colt bids farewell. Where are you going? I want to check out what happened to that old sock. Come on, pull! Man, that’s heavy! Come on! Pull! You damn bastards! What are you looking for? What are you doing here? You criminals! What? Did you think I would leave you the gold, you old moron? The gold? There, by the dunghill. You were tripping around over there all day, with your friend, the Marshal. Am I wrong, cutthroat? Mr. Alvaro Gonzalez Moreno! Tell these gentlemen that Arizona didn’t accept your offer game and that I only came to bring you the money back. Tell them! Don’t be afraid, my friend! Arizona will avenge you! You lousy Pig! Say it isn’t true that Arizona works for you, you ugly worm! Take it easy, my friend! You dirty liar! It stinks like shit around here. Come on, boys, let’s go! Arizona will start with you, Moreno! You’ll pay for this! That’s disgusting! It’s your own whiskey. What happened? Talk! Keene captured your friend. They kicked his face in. They’ll kill him. Go and kill them all! All of them! They were at the dunghill over there, but now they left nice, deep traces. You’ll find the bastards. You’ll massacre them. Avenge me and yourself! , dollars in dollarbills. And your friend? Don’t play clever with me. Now I know that you’ll kill Keene, and I don’t even have to pay you dollar.

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