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Social Media Madness Adventure

Social Media Madness Adventure


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Social Media Madness Adventure Description

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We will first take her to Operation Theatre You do not be worried, we will do the operation. Have they done all the tests?They did brother Call me if there is anything Okay. Hey Bujji, Brother will kill us if he takes away madam. Why are you talking so like Villain assistants being the Doctors? Hey, you be quiet.Doubts again being in pains Oh no, Doctor! Sorry Inspector Why did the Paracetamol tablet guys take the patient into Operation Theatre? You do not worry, we will come back and do the operation. Move brother. Brother, Police! They will push us in if we do notact like doing something. But how to do the operation? What is there in it bro?Cut with the knife, take out the baby and stitch back like we stitch the bags. It is cutting, taking out and stitching. That is it. Hey, are you Doctors or rowdies?Will you kill me bloody? Not that, listen… Operation… HeyNo! Silence, do not hit. Do as I said Who are these? Special team? Syamala, they look to kill her Jayanthi, it is like she is killing them Whatever, but we shall first save the patient. Move Rowdy Doctors Hey, come Madam, control! We will operate you without any pain DoctorWe are the Doctors Do you say Doctors, being the Police bloody? We are duplicate Police Then them?Duplicate Doctors What are you confusing bloody? Hey Syamala, anesthesia Doctor.. ControlHey, bring it fast Oh no.. What is this? I heard of white breed elephants existing somewhere in South Africa and seeing directly now Yes bro What is Police doing the operation sir?This is called Police operation Father! I am becoming a father Say am I getting a boy or a baby, father Hey drunken monkey, see what is happening there. Check the BP Why are Police operating my wife father? We too are in the same tension. Go and save, drunken idiot Operation success Are you the Police or the demons? Instead of doing your duty,you do operation to my wife? Congrats, you got a boy. Mom and son are safe.yes. Thank you CI sir You Police did what the Doctors could not do. You can be given Parama veera Chakra sir

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