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Social Media Madness 3

Social Media Madness 3


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Social Media Madness 3 Description

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Yeah, well, it’s the effort that counts, though, isn’t it? Do you have any idea what time it is? It’s never too late for an apology, is it? I just wanted to say sorry for this afternoon. I think I was a bit rough on you. I just don’t want you to waste your first opportunity, that’s all. No, thanks. Really? It’s not like you to turn down a glass of wine. I just had an Ambien. Still popping the pills, then? I thought you came for an apology. I did, but game Well, then stop talking and come to bed before I fall asleep. Oh, I meant to tell you that I, um game I managed to buy you a little bit of extra time. They agreed to postpone the deadline on the script. So I was thinking maybe we should get out of the city for a few days. You know, just relax. Get some good sleep. Forget about the draft. You know, take the heat off a little bit. It’ll be inspiring. Remember I told you I have that little hideaway out in Joshua Tree? So around me is utter devastation with dead bodies floating down the street and buildings collapsing. And I have nothing better to do but to go downstairs and underwear shop with Prince at what has turned into a Black Friday sales event at WalMart. Yeah. Yeah, I started writing down my dreams again. A better dream memory is supposed to help against nightmares. Wow. My therapist would make a fortune out of you. Found some croutons in the cupboard. I hope they’re not expired. Man, this place is gorgeous. Yeah. How come you’ve never taken me here before? It’s been rented for the past year and a half or so. Do you think you’re gonna be able to relax while you’re here? I don’t know, but I think that’s up to you. I’ll do my best. Mmm. Ugh. Oh, ! Oh, . Got you, you little er. Come on, boy. Huh. So I leave you for five minutes and you’ve destroyed my kitchen. I just, uh, fixed the garbage disposal. Yeah, you don’t wanna touch that thing. It’s a ing death trap. What’s the matter? Nothing. Listen, I, uh game I got a call from the office. You get reception? Yeah, about a mile down there’s a hillside. You get a few bars

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