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Snowman out of Fashion

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    Snowman out of Fashion Description

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    Snowman out of Fashion Keep your head down! Look down! Keep your head down! Papers. Why have I been arrested? Get undressed and put your personal belongings on the desk. Games Hi, darling, want to have some fun tonight? Games You bastard! Games How long do we have to stay here? Games Have you looked outside? Get undressed, stop asking questions. Games Do I have to take this off?. Games What a stupid question! Take your chain off and put it in here with the rest. We’ll give you a beating! Games Why didn’t you ask to go to the toilet? Games Shut up, they’re coming! One, two, three, long live Pinochet! Four, five, six, let’s burn the Jews! Seven, eight, nine, I don’t pity the black boy! What’s going on? I don’t want to piss myself, but what do I care? They took us to Alessandria. They looked after us, gave us food and showered us. The prison seemed like a hotel after the Bolzaneto death camp. When I came out of the decompression chamber, I knew that nothing would ever be the same again. The government had to ensure the G would take place. The G took place, all the planned appointments went ahead. The summit area wasn’t affected, despite the various attempts Game Don’t worry about the exam at Normale. I spoke to the dean, it can be sorted out. Games Don’t worry. Games I’m not that bothered. Why don’t you come home for a few days to rest? Leave me in Bologna if you want, I’ll take a train to Pisa. Come off it! I’ll take you in the car. You mother will kill me, she ordered me to take you home Game Are you alright? Do you want to talk about it? Maybe in a while. Thanks, dad. Games Are you sure? Games Yes. Alright, as you wish. Finish what you have to do then come home at the weekend. Games Let me give you some money. Games There’s no need. Games Take it. Games No, I’m fine. ONE MORE DOWN YOU WLL ALL DIE You’re about to make a mistake! It’s the only thing we can do! Games What the hell’s going on? Games They want to wreck the place! Games Did you finish your exam? Games What do you want? I want to see you move your ass! Look! Let’s go and see what’s going on.

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