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Snowman out of Fashion Adventure

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  • Snowman out of Fashion Adventure

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    Snowman out of Fashion Adventure Description

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    I really want to be by myself. [rustle of sheets] [soft footsteps] [gurgle of water] Whooo… [soft footsteps] [sigh] [distant ‘clunk’] [door clicks open] [whack] Mike? [door clicks closed] [whack] [regular ‘whacks’ continue…] [WHACK!] [WHACK!] [grunt!] [WHACK!] You all right? I hope I’m not all right. [WHACK, crash!] [SMASH! SMASH!…] [panting] Damn this car. Damn these clubs. [slurps] Mike Gawd help me, I had to have it all. I mean, look at this house. Look at all the crap that we have. That television in there cost $,. I have a little brass machine on the kitchen counter for making my cappuccinos. $. The car, the golf clubs, the stereo, it is all just garbage! Mike… What does this have to do with Ann? Come on, why do you think I’ve been working so much? Huh? Taking on extra projects? This… this stuff… this stuff is what I traded my wife for. This is my faualt. This is… Don’t do this to yourself. It’s done! Never to be undone. If I had been here tonight… If I had been home… then Ann would have been alive right now, and I guarantee you that. I need to be unconscious. He can’t blame himself for this. Well he does. He’s real worried about Logan and Ellie growing up without a mother. You know he asked if anything happened to him if we would take the kids. What did you say? I said of course, not to worry. Well, I’m sure if something did happen they would go to their grandparents. No. Ann and I talked about this. Not about this, but when Logan was christened, about what would happen if she and Mike were in a car accident or something. Ann did not want those kids brought up by their grandparents. We would take the kids, Tim. Okay. I just don’t think this is something we need to worry about. Man So they didn’t find any fingerprints? Not even on the knife? Not that Billings will tell us. What are they doing then? I don’t know. It’s like they’ve sort of just thrown up their hands. Halloween. People wearing costumes. Richard You tell him. Go ahead. I know this guy who works in the Police Department.

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