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Smile with Sunflowers 21

Smile with Sunflowers 21


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Smile with Sunflowers 21 Description

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Smile with Sunflowers 21 Do you understand what you’re saying? You could almost killed somebody. Do you understand that? They attacked me first. Are you crazy? A gun is not a toy. You can not just shoot down people! Insult yes, even beating. But not kill! Do you want to ruin everything? I want to go to Thessaloniki that you become a star. How? You botch everything. I have no more lust. Then go! I can not leave you alone! Then I go. You’re not going anywhere! Let me. You stay here, understood? My foot! What? It hurts. Let me go! Give me your money. First, let my foot off. Let it off! That’s all? You stay here until I come back. Got it? you. Got it? Happy Birthday, big Brother! Thank You. Welcome to our hotel. What it may be? Souvlaki. My vase. These are for you. Thank You. Shampoo. Soap, so you can wash. A lamp. And boxes, as a gift for my birthday. Was the money enough? Yes. I do not think so. Where did you get the money? That’s my business. What have you been all this time? I was shopping, for my birthday. I do how I feel. Come on, me too. You’re done. Do I still have foam on me? No, no. Leave it. It is enough. What a cool view. This is awesome. Stop drinking. It’s my birthday. Since I do what I like. Now that we get the money of the “nameless”, I will send to Grandma Alma, and with the rest I will go to America. Take it easy, Di Caprio. You can not go to America. Why? We will have the nationality and a passport. Yes, but one will probably grab and throw you in jail. And you’re underage. I will not allow it. We share the money if you’re , Then do what you want. What will you do with the money? First, I will go to Crete. I never again. After that game I will buy this hotel and renovate it. For the money is never enough. Then I’m going to rent it. I will make an awesome hotel from it and life therein. Great idea. On Xenia. It’s called “Xenia,” you idiot. I do not believe it. “Rumore”? Where did you find it? “Rumore”? Rumors, rumors I do not feel safe, secure Never sure Tonight I would like turn back the time and return to your time Because

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