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Smile with Cute Sunflowers Time

Smile with Cute Sunflowers Time


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Smile with Cute Sunflowers Time Description

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Alright, nearly there, pal, alright? Just bear with me, man. tie Game tie it! Shut the up! ! OK, OK, OK. There it’s on. It’s on. It’s on. OK it’s on. Where the ‘s the three-fifty? Where the is three-fifty? me! Right, Kilo Two. Kilo Two Bravo, come in. Kilo Two, this is Kilo Two Bravo, come in. For ‘s sake! Stu, Chris, come on, man, man. We’ve got a man down in the wadi! Faz, you tell them we need a cas evac smart, alright! Now go! Go! Stu! Stu! Now wake up. Yeah. You’re gonna be alright, OK. Yeah, well I’m -I’m not am I? No you are. OK, listen to me, OK. I’m gonna check you for other injuries, yeah. Get some morphine into you, buddy. Yeah? You just hang tight, OK? Kilo Two Bravo. Kilo Two Bravo. Jar Head, what the ‘s going on? Did any youse see anything? No enemy movement. . Right. I want eyes on them, I want eyes on the wadi. If anything moves, smash it. OK lads, let’s go. Kilo Five to Kilo Two. What the ‘s going on over there? Kilo Two. Mine strike. Mine strike. Kilo Two? ! Zero, this is Emerald Seven Nine Game Dave, Jay, Luke, Ken mine strike on Normandy. Tug, man down, mate. Med bergen, let’s go, yeah. Anyone else got a med kit? One here, mucker. Alright, get on, Jay and we’ll follow. I’ve got one. Team medic. Alright, good lad. Come on, man down, boys. Let’s go. Mark. Mark, you don’t know what you’re moving into. Well, someone’s got to do it. Faz, what the ‘s going on! Stu stood on a mine. ! How bad? His leg’s gone, mate. Bomb Head. Get a Nine Liner to Athens. It’s Stu Hale, confirmed. P one, winch required. Bastard! Come on Tug, one of our boys is dying over there! There’ll also be another one over here in a minute, hell! Tug. Mine strike on Normandy? That’s what they said. Get in. Not long now, Stu. Alright? Alright lads, the cavalry’s here. Alright, Stu boy. Smudge is here, mate. Here, Smudge. Get this would you, mate. I’ve got it, I’ve got it. Go on. Go on, mate. Guy, what the have you done now, aye? How we doing Jar? Yeah. Got a tourniquet on. Given him a shot of morphine Game in the good leg. How we doing, big fella?

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