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Smile with Cute Sunflowers Adventure

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  • Smile with Cute Sunflowers Adventure

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    Smile with Cute Sunflowers Adventure Description

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    “we cool Games ” nobody. A few days later, it’s Dennis’ turn to head home, after spending a full weekend with The Marshal. Beijing airport is buzzing as the world’s press waits to find out what happened at the ski lodge. But when Dennis appears, he’s swept through the airport and onto his connecting flight without saying a word. And on the plane home the truth come out. Despite being promised they’d spend some quality time together, The Marshal never showed. It’s desperately disappointing news for Dennis, especially after everything he’d gone through to get the game to happen. So why did Kim Jong-Un choose to leave his good friend high and dry? Now that the game was over, had The Marshal simply gotten everything he needed to out of Dennis? Could it be that this was all just a cleverly devised propaganda campaign by Kim Jong-Un to show his people just how powerful he is, inviting a group of Americans to Pyongyang and beating them at their own game. According to Daniel Pinkston, this doesn’t really stack up. I just don’t buy that argument because the state narrative and the propaganda narrative is compliance and conformity Games obey, obedience. And here is Dennis Rodman, who is one of the most unusual nonconformists we could think of, and here he is in the embrace of Kim Jong-Un, and it’s sending this message that, “hey, it’s okay to be different.” They never saw an American before, and they go back, and they think, “well, everything I read in textbooks,” and everything my schoolteacher told me in school, and everything the party cell member told me, and everything our coach told us, and everything that the state media told me, was that Americans are evil, they’re trying to kill us, “but the Americans I saw, they were friendly. They’re like us.” This is a very subversive message, and people will remember that. Those young people who have those interactions with the Americans, they will never forget it as long as they live, and people underestimate that. So why didn’t The Marshal show? It turns out that up at the

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