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Sleeping Beauty Makeover Adventure

Sleeping Beauty Makeover Adventure


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Sleeping Beauty Makeover Adventure Description

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Moving pictures? Talkies? Yeah. It’ll be like going to the pictures without going out. What, you just sit and look at it? Yeah. Hm Games Suppose it might be all right for the gentry. Oh! BABY CRIES Oh! BABY CRIES Let’s see that nappy, then. Oh. Another load of washing. SHE CHUCKLES It says the average family needs £ week to keep it above the poverty line. What’s the poverty line? Don’t know. Just wish I earned £ a week. Well, with the nipper growing up so fast. Whee!! KID LAUGHS Hey-hey! That’s the way to do it, boysie! Again, again. Oh, Ernest, he’s getting such a big boy. No, he’s not. He’s skinny like me. Wiry, Ernest. And tall and lovely hair. All those curls. Oh, look! That’s new. They’re serving teas in the balcony. There’s waitresses in aprons and caps. Look’s a bit posh. Whee! Maybe some other time, my dear. Again! Yes Games some other time. SOBBING Whatever’s up, darling? What are you crying for? I’ve had it done! What? What? His hair. Eh? They’ve cut it all off. His beautiful curls. Well, blimey, it’s got to be done, Ette. We can’t have him running around like a blooming girl all his life! He’s not a baby any more. He’ll be off to school in no time. SOBBING: I know! Hello, boysie. SHE CONTINUES CRYING What’s wrong with Mum? SHE CRIES HARDER Mum! Mum! Raymond, dear, shouldn’t you be in school? Mum, Mum! Ahh! Whatever are you home for? You mustn’t come home in the middle of the day. HE PANTS Did you cross that main road? You must have done. I can’t find the sit down lavatories! You can’t find the Games (We showed you them.) No, they are girls. Girls sit down! No, there’s boy sitting downs as well. No, there isn’t. It’s all girls! Look out, I want to go number two! Nice day again, Mrs Bennett. Yes, lovely, Mrs Briggs. TOILET FLUSHES SHOUTING IN GERMAN OVER Games Sounds like that Hitler’s on the warpath, good and proper. Oh. Just hark at them. They’re all barmy. Our George was killed in the last one. And brother Tom. It doesn’t seem all that long ago. RAYMOND GIGGLES IN DISTANCE Our poor old mother never got over it.

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