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Sleeping Beauty Girl

Sleeping Beauty Girl


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Sleeping Beauty Girl Description

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Sleeping Beauty Girl I took it by mistake Goose? You said it would be duck All right, goose it is then. Set the table No, no, it won’t get cold. I’ll be there in a minute Hello, Mr. Chizhov! Idiot Did I scare you? I thought you’d like it I’m Tolik, Yelena’s son Who’s Yelena? Yelena Tsarapkin, your cousin I came here to study to be a DJ, but there was no room at the dorm Can I stay with you for now? No, you can’t Hello? No, this isn’t Frosya You dropped some candy Keep it Uncle Vova, here’s the thing. I was robbed on the train Could you lend me , roubles? I’ll pay you back as soon as mom wires me some money don’t carry cash on me. Good night How about , then? Listen, young man Game People! People, tell me your planet’s number in the Tentura Junkie Or at least the number of your galaxy in the Spiral Your feet will freeze off. Go down into the subway No time for the subway. Please help me Here’s my teleporter. I mixed up my contacts What number do I dial to teleport back home? Dial , they’ll help No, I can’t! is Pluke! There are Chatlanians there! Sure you can. Hold this Yes, hello? Where’s the “” here? No, this isn’t Game Game F rosy a Woah! Listen, I’ve had enough of this I’ll be damned! We’re on Pluke, Uncle Vova! Where? That fellow with the daisies said that was Pluke I dialed the number, and here we are on Pluke Hold on Tell your barefoot hypnotist that these tricks won’t work on me! Uncle Vova, wait! Something’s coming! A robot A humanoid Another trick? Let me take a photo, Uncle Vova, or no one will believe us Say “cheese”! That’s enough! Good day, friends. We are aliens from the planet Earth We are Game Kew Hello Chatl? He wants money I don’t have that kind Here, I have roubles, dollars Game I’ll pay you. Just take us out of here Kew! He wants your hat My hat? Here And your coat Now he wants your fiddle I can’t give you this, it’s a musical instrument Now he wants your hat Dream on! Hey you, wise guy! Let it go There’s nothing in there Open it Here, see for yourself It’s a laser pointer That’s shampoo. Soap for the head Like it, huh? How about a swap?

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