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Sleeping Beauty Girl Time

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  • Sleeping Beauty Girl Time

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    Sleeping Beauty Girl Time Description

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    The incantation Games I have no time for this. Blackhand! This is a mak’gora. You will respect our tradition. Keep fighting. Gul’Dan cheats! ORC : That’s cheating! ORC : Shame on you! ORC : You cheat, Gul’Dan! ORC : This is not our way! ORC : Traitor! Gul’Dan! You have no honor. You will follow this thing? Will you? You will follow this demon? ORC : We will not! I will not. ORC : Demon! ORC : He does not even look orc now! I follow a true orc! A chieftain. May your bones rot, demon! Anyone else? And you, Warchief. You will take the Fel and you will become stronger than any orc has ever been. And when the Fel has remade you, you will crush the small-teeth. Now claim my new world. KING LLANE: Frostwolves. GARONA: We are on our own now. We few, then. Get to the prisoners. We will free our people! Charge! Get to it, men! Move! HORN BLOWING Attack! SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE IN ENGLISH Ideas? SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE MEDIVH: IN ENGLISH Very impressive. Now try shutting him up. SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE IN ENGLISH Well, that went well. It’s moving! Do something! Fine. I’ll handle this. You take care of Medivh. LOTHAR: Hey, over here! Clay face! SCREAMING Now, men! Fire! KING LLANE: At the rear! SCREAMING Come, my orcs. Let the Fel unleash the full power of the Horde! HORDE WARRIOR : For Gul’Dan! HORDE WARRIOR : For the Horde! SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE IN ENGLISH Hey! Kid, wake up! You all right? Quick thinking. Slicing its head off like that. Yeah. Just how I planned it. What now? The Guardian has to speak the incantation himself. As long as he’s doing that, we can get in close. Distract him. Then what? Get Medivh in the font. Is that all? SOFTLY Medivh. If there is something of you still in there, old friend, come back to us. GROANS SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE IN ENGLISH Medivh. Come on. Kill me. SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE IN ENGLISH I’ve got nothing left to live for now anyway. After all, life is just fuel to you, isn’t it? But Llane, he believed in you. Don’t kill your king. Don’t kill your friend. Whatever

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