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Skirt Models

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    Games No, it’s not possible. Look, we’ve found the spell, we’re almost done here. Rememberwhy you filmed this whole thing Games I have what I need. Games No You need to prove it. I am at the front line not you If you’re talking about the mirror room Game I think that you obstructed the view with incenses Game and wrote the symbol with the fumes And did I put the spells in the bathroom too? We are not comparing science to religion here, please Ms. Game I, Faruk Akat Game If I can’t save I will be wrong and you will win. Isn’t that what you wanted? For Game for yourfriend’s life Game Let me. Okay, fıne. But this will be the last time Games Last time Games Okay. Games How is ? Games Same. She’s terrifıed. She keeps saying I saw him, I saw him. Esra, I need a biggerroom. Okay. We have a warehouse at the entrance of the village, will that do? Games Let’s go. Games Okay. I will have to pin you down. I need to set the frame. Okay. Okay, now it’s clear. Games Are you comfortable Faruk hodja? Games Yes. Games Be careful of this switch it will end the recording. Games Okay, okay. Right now Faruk Akat is attempting the second exorcism Refika Game Go overthere. . Is it still here? It is. Where exactly? There. Can you describe what you’re seeing? It has long dark hair. Woman or man? Woman. What’s her name? Sare. Sare can you hear me? She can. Who does she want to kill? She says, an eye foran eye. Jinn Game There are spells here that have fed you for years. King Solomon, who rules all the jinns of Egypt, Babylon and Israel Game and his God, we swear Game if you don’t leave this girl now Game I will burn you alive in this cursed place. Tell that God of yours Game I’m not afraid of him This is my last warning to you If you don’t leave this body Game you will die. Games It died, the jinn died Games Enough Are you okay? It died, the jinn died. The jinn died. You’re saved. Games Refika, it’s okay. Games

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