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    One night, we went to bed after eating mum’s pudding, In the middle of the night we heard a sound, like tapping. We went down, and it was like someone was tapping off a bowl and looked inside, there was a jinn who gone inside the pudding bowl and was tapping with his hoof. Hey, whose is this? Love & Love & Love. Let me see! Give it to me don’t be nosy and give it to me. Sakine says at night the jinn come to the garden and start singing and dancing. If they feel like it, of course. She said there are good jinn and bad ones. but if they feel bad, they would scream. She had gone there one night. Can you believe it? Are you really scared? You mean you’re not? My dad says I’m crazy, I’m not scared of anything. And I’ll hurt myself one day. But this is different. because no-one has been into this garden before. Last year I heard a woman screaming. Do we have woman Jinn? Poor men Jinn, suffering from their wives. They suddenly come over them like devils. What were you doing here? Watching football again? You said you were tired! Sakine said games some of the jinn hurt people. They throw stones at windows at night. Don’t go now. Be careful. By God, there’s someone there, look, he’s waving. Don’t worry, it’s Farhad. You know I like pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms. Why didn’t you get it? Enough with pepperoni, He has gone through so much to bring it for us from Tehran. Got it, there’s a good pizzeria near our house. I thought you would like it if I bought some. Of course I would have got more if i’d known you were here. Next time. Didn’t you think we would be scared to death throwing stones at the window? I rang for half an hour, I rang the bell but you didn’t open the door, I had to throw stones. The electricity is cut off. Sakine says it will be connected soon. We were talking about jinns, they say there’s a jinn in the building. A jinn? There’s a jinn here. I’m an exorcist, follow me! Farhad! They really say there’s a jinn in there. So games why don’t you go in? Well I can’t go like this, what will you give me? I’ll go down there all by myself.

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