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Skin Care Time

Skin Care Time


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Skin Care Time Description

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Skin Care Time A group of us got together about six years ago, and we decided to set forth a vision for what the Green Burial Council could be. Today, I think, is a bit of a refocus of that vision, to determine what we ought to be doing going forward, and we have limited resources and a lot of work to do, and we have some tough decisions to make. And that’s why we’re all here together because this is the Green Burial Council. I’d like to, kind of, focus this discussion and start thinking about the next five years of where we’re gonna go as an organization, collectively. When Billy started this, you know, all these years ago, his goal was to save a million acres. We don’t want to have what happened in the U.K., where, you know, it’s like, “Oh, there’s a movement there, everybody’s doing it and there’s sites.” Yeah, well they’re about the size of this table. Hold on. I’m really getting a feeling that we’re really, really missing it. You know, million acres, what a neat idea. Let’s go back to basics. We’re talking about burying somebody’s loved one, we’re talking about bringing the cemetery back as a place. We’re not making cemeteries. You know, we never refer to Ramsey Creek Preserve as a cemetery. At the heart of it, if we are a natural burial ground, we’re a cemetery. And the first time we make our first burial, that’s the responsibility we’re taking on. I respectfully disagree with you, Jeff. That’s fine game No, I mean, I think that the thing is, of course, it is a cemetery. One of the reasons that people love to come to Ramsey Creek and visit is because they feel that they are overwhelmed more by the presence of life, than just the aspect of death. Death, it’s all around, in the way the trees die game Yeah, the prognosis has been game it’s been getting worse for me. The medical science is not in my favor. But the doctor said that, you know, “You’re really not responding to anything we have to offer.” But, you know, you have health insurance, you have a pulse, still have disease, they’re gonna keep trying something. I began

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