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Skin Care Makeover

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    When Hillary Clinton ran for president, Chelsea was right there. The wind beneath her wings. Hillary didn’t run against Chelsea. And she lost. Beth, look. We know you, baby. You’ll talk, talk, talk this all over town. And then, when you see how hard it is Game or how not enough people show up for the first game, you’ll lose interest and quit, like you quit all your other hobbies. What makes you think not enough people will show up? Baby. Well, you aren’t exactly leading ladies anymore. Hey, y’all. Hey, Mill. Good mornin’. When we get in there, don’t sit behind her hair. We won’t be able to see the preacher. Hey! Am I too late? Of course not. The others must be runnin’ late too. Hey, Ginger, thanks for comin’. Ah. My roommate Jewel’s mammogram at the mobile unit Game may have saved her life. I’m sorry, Ginger. I didn’t know. Ah, it’s okay. They caught it early. Hey. Sorry I’m late. You got room for these saddlebags in here? Howdy. Hey, Ginger. How you doin’? Pretty good. P.S. I’m not wearin’ no gym shorts. Okay. Oh! God! Damn! Excuse me. Is this the WNBA tryout? Ladies, y’all know Clementine. Sure do. Okay. We’re gonna take it slow. Oh. Looks like someone remembers how to handle a ball. Honey, I always remember how to handle balls. – Slut. – Lard ass. Line up. Hey, where’s Florine? – I thought you said she was committed. – Yeah. She is. Whoo! Whoa, right there! Thank Game you! Yee-haw! Thank you. I’m Florine Clarkston. I’m runnin’ for mayor. I hope I can count on your vote for mayor. What? I’m running for mayor! I prefer mustard. Don’t forget to vote. Vote for Flo. Beth. I didn’t know you square danced. I didn’t know that this was a stop on the campaign trail. Well, I just want the retired folks in town to know Game that I will have their best interests at heart as mayor. What about the interests of the women in town? You know, if you joined our team, you might actually have fun. I’m sure y’all only remember the fun of high school basketball.

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