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    bored as shit all the time. Oh, and we got to do that Brigsby theme song, right? Yes! BOTH VOCALIZING TUNE You’re my friend. Wait, Spence. This is it. This is what we should use for the third raid. GROANS Snatcher! Arielle, the Shadow Galaxy is more than Neons away. I will miss all of you when you pass away, even though you brought this upon yourselves. You see, curiosity is an unnatural emotion. They’re still attacking. Go! Arielle, the Goads aren’t working. Fire away! That’s good. Now, foot off the brake. Just drive, and we’ll just get out of here. I’m doing it! Hey, no, look forward. I’m driving a car! He’s driving a car! SINGING And remember, always sweep your corridors, and if you’re feeling romantic emotions, only touch your penis twice a day. LAUGHING Okay. Is that everything? Yep. This is everything I need for my new garden. Hey, excuse me. Are you the bear guy? Mmm-hmm. Holy shit! Oh, my God! I saw you, and you got the shirt on Oh, it’s Brigsby’s art grid. That’s right. The art grid. Wow. My friends and I love those videos, man. They’re incredible. I know you didn’t make them but they were made for you by your freak dad. That’s so messed up. Can I get a photo with you? Do you mind? No. I could do a photo. Hi, can you take a photo of us? Mmm? Oh, me? Yeah. Is this your real mom? Yeah. Wow. BOTH GRUNT Okay, there. Pretty good. Got the thumbs up there. Thanks. Uh Well, uh, peace, man. Yeah. Peace, man. Kidnap kid. CELL PHONE CHIMES JAMES: I guess the key thing to think about here is that Feldo Mortese is a powerful Bandith Warrior. But he’s sad, right? Yes, exactly. He’s sad. That’s the whole reason why he lives in the cave. Makes sense. Give it a shot? Let’s do it! Your parents aren’t coming home any time soon, right? Yeah. One’s doing golf and the other one’s at the stores. Just try to focus on your tragic past now if you can. Sure. And action. VOGEL: Our kind rose up against the one you call Sun Snatcher. But we lost. Those who survived, fled. Leaving only me, cowering in the dark corner of

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