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Skin care and makeup secrets

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  • Skin care and makeup secrets

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    We’ll go down to the village We’ll look around and then see her. Games Okay. We’ll prepare dinner in the meantime. Games Okay. Let’s go. Walk slowly, you’ll slip. Games Yes, my feet are slippery I look like a tourist, don’t I? Games No, no you look fine. Does it look good on me? Games It does. Hello. Games Hello. Welcome. Hello. Games I am the governorof the village Osman Bayer. Nice to meet you. Games Come in. Good evening. Games Hello. Welcome. Games Hello. How are you doing? Games We’re fine and you? Thanks, we’re fine. Everyting okay?? Games Okay, thanks. Enjoy. Games Uncle Osman. Can you tell me what exactly happened to ? was struck by an evil spirit, this family is troubled anyway. Troubled? Games This story Game goes back to Kıbledere village. This village Game Damned Game Games Wait a minute Osman wait a minute Okay, calm down. What is happening here? What are you doing here with those cameras? Nothing, we’re just talking. Sit down. Are you here to film? We just have a few questions and then we’ll leave, don’t worry. Our village has nothing to do with these events. Fine. You can’t film here. Get the hell out of here Okay calm down Games Get the fuck out of here I’ll fuck you Bastards Fuck off Games Okay okay calm down. What the hell is this, people go nuts when we mention Kıbledere. It has nothing to do with that village I told there are strange people here. Yes Game It’s late, must have woken up, let’s at least make it to dinner. Let’s go. This dog just wouldn’t shut up It’s okay darling. Games Hodja? Mom? Let’s recap from the beginning. You said it was the night before the wedding? Games Yes. What happened that night? Mom, can I show him the CD? What CD? The night of the celebrations were recorded. That would be great, do you think that’s possible? I’ll show you after dinner. Games We must watch that Esra. Okay. Faruk hodja stop the recording so I can set the angle. Okay start. Faruk hodja,

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