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Skin Care Best Secrets

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    game She gonna protect it for another years, right? Tell her to take that off. Now you’re getting too, like, plastic in the furniture and . Come on, Ma. So game Do you know, um, about game About what? Safe ? Come on, Ma. Don’t start talking about this stuff. So who is supposed to talk to you about this stuff? I know about this stuff. What do you know about? I took ed. Okay. What did it teach you? First of all, I learned how to put a condom on. You know? Back in my days, you didn’t have to wear condoms, because game Come on, Ma. You’d be with just one person. And you don’t be running around with Tom, and Harry. You just stay with one man, and you didn’t have to worry about condoms or no condoms. There’s nothing wrong with more than one girl. What? I did not raise you to be a player. I raised you better than that. Come on, Ma. I told you about respecting game I told you about respecting a woman. I do respect women. If Jasmin comes here crying, you’re gonna get it. Ma, she’s not gonna come here crying. If Jasmin comes over here game complaining about you and telling me that you broke her heart, you’re gonna deal with me, boy. I love you, Mother. Yeah, I love you too. The A/C is on. So why’s it not working? Call the landlord. So, what, he can come get punched in the face? Why you gonna punch him in his face? Because he’s ing annoying with all this bull. ing yesterday he texted me game “İf you have a problem with paying the rent game ” and you have a problem with being there, “I’ll refund you your security deposit.” Complaining game You ain’t fixed the ing closet doors for six months. How long we waited for the closet doors, the bathroom, the sink was ed up? Six months. Now you complaining ’cause of one month? And you gonna tell me I can get my deposit back? Come bring my deposit so I can your ass game all up and down the ing block, then ship him back to ing Nigeria. You can’t put hands on him. Why not? You put your hands on him and risk him calling the police. That’s why you do the job to the T. You mean him? You gonna him?

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