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Skin Care Adventure

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  • Skin Care Adventure

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    Skin Care Adventure Description

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    What? That is unforgivable. It is. It is, actually. So, what do you really do for a living? I’m a journalist. Yeah. Slash wannabe literary polymath. That figures. You got good theories. Oh, you like them now? I wouldn’t listen to me, though, because I’m not exactly the poster child for the dating industry. Really? I’m , divorced and crying in a toilet. You’re just game You’re an emotional jigsaw at the moment but you’re gonna piece yourself back together. You know, start with the corners. Look for the blue bits. And where do I find these “blue bits”? Took me three years to get over my ex. Jungian therapy. Two hours every day. Six weeks. I burnt her clothes. Twice. I’m not saying that her star theory is correct. But you did blow job paradox me? Hey. Where did you two get to? Probably -ing in the toilets, no doubt. Who’s up for a shot? Let’s do some shots. I think I’ve had enough to drink. We’re just gonna head off. Nonsense. It’s a seminal night so we should mark it somehow. Four sambucas, please. You look like you’ve been crying. Actually, I was crying. With laughter. Have you ever tried to do it in a cubicle that small? I think I left my knickers in there. She does not need to know the real reason for your tears. Did you wanna leave your knickers in there? Focus,Jack. Repeat after me. “After this shot I will be stronger, wiser and finally moving on.” After this shot I will be stronger, wiser and finally moving on. the past. the past. $orry_ Oh, my God. Do something! You’re a fireman, put the ing fire out! Here. You take it. Jesus! That is what I call closure. I think that’s the dictionary definition right there. Denial, depression, acceptance. Fire. Fire. What? Alright, what is next? OK, what’s the time? It is ten o’clock. Is it? Oh, shit. I should check in at home, really. Yeah, I’d better game So, I think I’d better finally head to my folks’ anniversary party but I was just game This is a crazy idea but I was just thinking, would you want to join game ? Sorry. Just because it might be nice to not go alone for a change and if you game

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