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Sign lace and linen Time

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  • Sign lace and linen Time

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    over there. Is there a phone nearby? Crossing the street, by the chinese café. Could you stay here for a while? I have to call the comitee. Yes, but don’t be long. Here’s the gun. Where did you leave my hat? Over there. If you move, I’ll shoot you. No. You wouldn’t shoot me in cold blood. You are incapable of killing an insect But not incapable of killing a worthless being like you. You better give me that gun. Give it to me, or I’ll kill you. He’s dead. But you did not kill him. He was worthless, a snitch. Because of him they murdered Ruelas. Could someone have heard? I will go and check. You, Juanito, better go to sleep. Walk him, Julieta. Which one do you want, boss? Whatever you want. Did someone hear? No one. Now the important thing is to get rid of this. It will be very hard to take him out through the patio. Is Don Santos a true friend? One which you can trust? Yes. Why? He could help us if he wanted to. What are you thinking? You’ll see. I will make a phonecall. I’ll wait for you downstairs. Okay partner, it shall be ready. And you were heading to a party Not to a party. You said that. I was going to a cabaret, which is not the same. It’s the same. It is when you go and entertain yourself, not when you entertain others Games as a job. ¿You don’t mean Games ? I did not want to say it, but I did. I work the nights at a cabaret. Impossible, Julieta. I can’t believe you turned into one of those women Games “Happy ones”. Yes, Octavio, even if you find it impossible Games and actually it sometimes seems impossible to me too. But when you don’t have the guts to go out and bum for money, misery brings hunger one day. One morning they came from school and told me Juanito had fainted. Teachers explained he was playing happily, when suddenly he went pale, and fainted. They didn’t know what he had. But I knew: hunger. After examining him, the doctor told me as well: “What this boy has is hunger”. Hunger Games Blood came up to my head. When I arrived home I started crying and couldn’t content myself.

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