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    I can’t understand what my brother saw in you. Now, get out! I really think you’re makinga mistake. Please listen carefully. This is Miss McPherson from the public welfaredepartment. She’d like to ask you a few questions. You’ll havea chance to speak with her. Don’t hesitate to talk to her openly about any troubles or problems. Or any complaints you might want to make about the home. Please, Miss McPherson. Thank you. Out of there, you! You heard me! Out! Your name is Miriam Allister, right? How long have you lived here? Long enough. How long must you remain? That’s all in the files! Thank you. And you’re Phyllis Lobster? Yes. That’s me. How do you like the meals here? The Ritz couldn’t beany better. You haven’t lost your senseof humor. You could usesome yourself. Can your friends visit you at the home? Oh sure, if I had any. But the minute you land here your friends disappear. Well, in six months I’ll beout. Get off her! Stop it! Stop it! I can’t stand it that she touches me! Oh, shut up! You know you like it! Must therealways be thesequarrels? You must learn to loveoneanother. Oh, I do. But she wouldn’t know how. Get back to work now, girls. Move! That happens all the timearound here. What elsecan you expect Game without a man around? But one thing you might do, is check on Dorothy Smith. She’s here years now and should have got out longago. But shecan’t do much about it. She’s deaf and dumb. What are you staringat? Comeon, give mea hand! Didn’t you hear me, you dummy? Oh! So you don’t want to help meanymore? You want to go see Mother and let her call thecops? Just you watch out. You’re in this as deepas I am. Now, let’s go. Get a moveon! Grab the legs! Hold on tight! Fetch the hook! Pick him up! Officially listed as an accident. Another thick fog, another old man, a Canadian millionaire: Gordon Stuart. Another doll was found by the body. Take this to Miss McPherson. I must know what this messagesays. Now, Doctor. Do you continue to maintain theseareall just accidents? You asked me to run a more thorough postmortem examination.

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