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    Oh, what you done to me My bag’s all packed Game Oh, hi, Daddy. Hey, Lynn. Hey. Hey, guys. How you doing, Judy? Hey, Eddie. Hey, kiss me for luck, boys. And girl. Yes. All right, wish me luck, guys. Good luck. See you guys later. Good to see you. Sit down for a minute. Oh, my goodness. Aw, Judy, your kids are so cute. Where’s baby? He’s at my mom’s. Too loud at the track. Oh. You and Don going to have one? Racing comes first in our family. Maybe someday. I got to go. Oh, you got to go. Go. In our house, it’s a dead heat between the kids and the cars. Oh. Just don’t wait too long. Come on, Tommy. All right. We’ll see you. Good luck. Ready to lose, Donny? Losing’s your specialty. You think so? You sure you want to race, Tommy? We all know Lions is my track. All right, Torn. Starter gives the okay to Prudhomme and McEwen. McEwen beats Snake on the tree with a holeshot. Torn McEwen beats Don “The Snake” Prudhomme in a recordsetting . ET at a blistering miles an hour. Oh, this is so much fun! It’s bullshit, Tom, jumping the gun like that. Bullshit. Oh, my God. That’s for you, buddy. What do you think went wrong? What do I think went wrong? He’s reading the damn starter again. What do you think went wrong? Hi, Don. How’s Lynn? Well, to be honest, we can’t really afford to lose in my household, so she’s probably pretty pissed, Ms. Greer. We all have to lose sometime, Don. Yeah, not me. What can I do for you, Thomas? I sure do love racing. Had a hell of a run these last three years, haven’t we? What’s with all this “had” shit? You hanging it up? Fact is Keith and I aren’t making any money, Don. You in on this? We’re not winning most of our races? You’re not making more engines now than ever? It’s kind of the point Game more money making engines than racing them. Now, look, you’ve gone practically undefeated for the last two years, and the most I can get out of a sponsor is $,. Now, I love this sport, but we got to be practical. How’s this for practical? I practically win every damn race I line up for.

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