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Shopping loving girl

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  • Shopping loving girl

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    Where the hell is he? Coach isn’t coming. He’s out laughing it up with Pac Man somewhere right now. No way Coach’d jerk you around. He’s an hour and minutes late, Rhino, an hour and . Does that sound like Cooper to you? I mean, for all I know the cops are all over my place. God knows, enough people saw me running from Pastori. Pinker’s gonna start killing again tonight if I don’t stop him. I can feel it. I gotta get that thing, Rhino. I just gotta get it. Jon, wait. Man, what are you doing? Jon, wait, hold it. Okay. All right, maybe if I go look. Tell me what it is. But you can’t see a thing in here, Rhino, without a mask. No one can. I gotta go back to my place. What are you doing? I gotta go back to the house. You gotta go? What the hell you talking about? We gotta go. I’m with you on this. Get lost, no deal. you, you need a friend. That’s Rhino, that’s the deal. What are you, God? You know what I could do to you if I wanted to, right? But that ain’t what I’m about. What about you? What you about? You’re not my friend on this, Rhino. Look, I already got one person I love killed, I’m not gonna do that again. I gotta do this by myself. You wanna be my friend, leave me be. Alison? Coach. Good evening, Jonathan. Alone now? What are you doing? If someone ever gets in your way, Jonathan, you gotta run right through them. Understand what I’m saying? Remember what I told you? I’m gonna rip your lungs out, Jonathan! No more Mr. Nice Guy. Coach, please, not you! Coach Cooper’s byebye, arsehole. And the closet, don’t look. I made a mess on the floor. God, no more! Pac Man liked you too much, Jonathan. He wouldn’t let me in. That’s a nono. Time to die, sweetie! Don’t even think about it, Pinker. Cooper, for your own sake, fight him. Don’t let him take your soul. It’s like you say, Coach! Coach, it’s like you say, I know you’re in there! Everything is a matter of will. Will him out. Jonathan, he’s too strong. I can’t will him out. Yes, you can.

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