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Shopping Girl Time Dress Up

Shopping Girl Time Dress Up


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Shopping Girl Time Dress Up Description

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Me? Of course. I know how you tick. Typical uptight Englishwoman, no smiles, pissed off with life. She’s pretty, but not all that pretty. Quite boring, in fact! A boring woman who can’t stand her boring life is not that boring. Madame Bovary. Here we go again. She’s just boring, period. No, it’s totally different. This is pain brioché. And the baguette over there? Baguette épi. And this one? It’s made with spelt. Kind of wheat. It smells very, very good. You’re right. Nothing smells as good as bread. A beautiful, golden loaf. Seeing it rise is magical. Want to see how it’s made? So follow me. Mind the step. Bring your hands together. Gently. Gentle and slow. Now you’ve got it. Knead the dough well. It’s all yours now. Very Game relaxing. It’s my yoga. Doing it every day Game Magical. Touching bread is like touching Game the earth. The original crust from where life sprang. Immersing your senses Game There’s nothing more natural Game nothing more humble Game than wheat. It’s hot in here. Yes, very hot. Guess what he got on his Maths test. It’s enough. No, it’s not enough. Tell your father what you got. , but because Game Because what? Always “because”! Want to redo the year? At least do the minimum. He doesn’t need advice. He needs sanctions. No more video games. Are you crazy? Okay, I got a , but Game It was an accident. You’ve been having lots of accidents. You’re accidentprone. How are this year’s apples? Not many. But enough Game More than none but less than plenty. Hello, Madame Bovery. Gus, stop that. Stop bothering the little dog. Have you read it? It’s a masterpiece. It blew me away when I was . She wants everything from love and is always disappointed. A mundane story told by a genius. Flaubert invented a bored woman, a universal character. She’s almost become an archetype. This might sound complicated. But Game It seems Game really wacky. I don’t know if it’s “really wacky”, but your French is coming along. Where’s Carrington? Gus, come! You hear the rain last night? I sure did. We’ve got problems. Holes in the roof.

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