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Shopping Girl Time Dress Up Time

Shopping Girl Time Dress Up Time


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Shopping Girl Time Dress Up Time Description

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I sent her home. Did you? Right. It sure was big. It was. Huge. How can Jaana ever… I don’t know. I couldn’t. Why didn’t you say anything? How could I have? You saw it yourself! What’s more, it was at rest. Imagine when it becomes erect. I wonder if Jaana was terrified by it. I would’ve been. Guys… Good news or bad news first? Good. Bad. She can’t remember anything. The priest! Stop that! The bad news is that the doctor sent her home. I’m going, too. You can’t go! This was cancelled because of you. You have a bachelor party. I have a wedding. On second thought, let’s stay here. Dear friends. As you know, things didn’t go according to plan. But maybe someone up there wanted that to happen. Delicious. It would mean so much to Malena and me if as many of you as possible would attend the funeral tomorrow. Malena darling, would you please join me? We have this nice hotel at our service so if you need anything… …don’t hesitate to ask. Anything at all. Malena would like to say a few words in Finnish. I would like to get to know you, Henrik’s loved ones. And I love Finland. Tuomas… Dear friends, at least there’s no lack of entertainment. Tuomas Lilja! Birgitte, Malena… It is with great honour that tomorrow I will sing the last song to my dear friend Henrik. I know that you’ll be watching. See you at the church. We’ll all be there. Thank you. Great speech. -Thanks. Sorry, one more thing. My latest album, Blue and White Root; is out now. I’d like you to know that I’m dedicating it to Henrik. The album is already in stores but a commemorative sticker for Henrik will be added to it. Thank you. Good. -Thank you. Hi, honey. What? Yeah, I can’t believe it. But I promised. Will you get here on time? Of course. The service is at nine. Trust me. I’ll make it. Okay. Nothing more can really go wrong. I have to go now. Sorry. I love you. -l love you, too. Tuomas? Here we go again. Hey. I’m doing this for my album. Hi. Hi. I am Niklas. Malena. I am a friend of Henrik’s. I know. I’ll be bearing his coffin, in which he…

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