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    We know that you didn’t take the pills. Right, Mike? Will you tell him? in’ hysterical. First drink or drug in eight months. I total the car. I get arrested for DUI. You must be in’ loving this. Look at you. What’s on your mind, Pop? Why don’t you tell me? Tell me this is what I get for white Game knuckling it. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry. Thanks for meeting me. It’s really good to see you. Yeah, you, too. I thought a lot about what happened, and I wanted to clear the air between us. I just wanna say that I really regret some of the things I said to you that night. I’m sorry. I’m not. It was good. I Game You forced me to look at myself. I needed to hear it. How’d that go? Not so good, yeah. Turns out, I’m not perfect. No, but you’re pretty in’ awesome. Oh, God. It’s not fair, you know? What? I still hate everybody but you. I’m gonna ask you to sit and listen to me for one second. Things are going to change between us. From now on, I’m going to be a son. I should do something for myself to show that I love myself. Give me the most damaged guy you could find and I was, like, in heaven. I’m halfway through my ninth step list. Just did my first wife. That was fun. I miss acting out. I do, I’m serious. This disease won’t let me take a compliment unless it comes from, like, I don’t know, a muscley, tattooed Latino man. My wife would ask where I was, and I would say I was at meetings at work, and I led a double life for a long time. There are keep Game coming Game back chips for newcomers and members wishing to reaffirm their commitment to sobriety. Is anyone celebrating days? You’re welcome.

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