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Selena Comez Sweet Makeover time

Selena Comez Sweet Makeover time


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Selena Comez Sweet Makeover time Description

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Selena Comez Sweet Makeover time I can’t take some more blow Goddamn whiskey Goddamn whiskey and blow. Fuck you, man! Out of the road, punk! Whatever. God damn it. Ahem. Is that your bike? It’s a nice bike. You’re bleeding. Yeah. I was teaching someone how to fight. You should probably go get that looked at. Nah. You know how to play that thing or you just carry it around for show? It’s for show. Come on down here and have a drink with me. Hey, here. Hold this, brother. Help yourself. They say if you drink enough bourbon, you’ll have a time travel. Excuse me? You go into the Game Game the future. I used to be in a band, but not anymore. I’m sorry, what? I play music, too. Here. Oh, thanks, man. You got someone you can call, get you home? Mmhmm. Mmm. Ah, the future. Morning, sunshine. How’s the head? What happened? What’d I do? I’m sorry. Will you help me find my bike? Yeah. Thanks. So, Bob. When’s the last time you saw old Robert Wolf? I told you before, I don’t know him. Yeah, well, I brought you a picture this time to help with your memory. You seen him now? I don’t know him, so I ain’t seen him. Uhuhuh. Don’t touch the fucking car, man. Got to tell your dog to stop snooping around in my garage. I will, Bob. Hey, what happened to the Panhead that was here a couple days ago? I put a new carburetor into it yesterday and the client came and picked it up. Yeah? When was that? Yesterday. What was the client’s name? I don’t recall. What’d he look like? Don’t recall that, either. God damn it, Bob. You’re gonna have to start recalling something. I’m a federal agent. Do you want to go back inside? You’re on parole. I’ll make a call. You can be in there tomorrow with your granddaughter visiting Game Let me tell you something. You want to arrest me, do it. Or else get the fuck out of my shop. Damn, man. Oh, I needed that. Hell of a bike, man. What year is that? Mabel’s a ‘ Pan with a ‘ Springer. She act up on you much? She’s got a little bit of attitude. Oh, yeah, I bet. I dig that suicide shift. Nice shot. Used to have a ‘ Knuckle myself. Yeah? Where is she?

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