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Selena And Justin Sweet Makeover

Selena And Justin Sweet Makeover


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Selena And Justin Sweet Makeover Description

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Selena And Justin Sweet Makeover Seeking the influence and guidance Of this international religious power. Even the united nations Will assemble to be addressed by the pope. When the western roman empire fell, Their territory fragmented into ten primary divisions. The ten horns represent the ten kings or kingdoms Into which imperial Rome was eventually split. The ten horns are a description of Rome Which breaks up into ten smaller kingdoms. Throughout history Catholicism has been dominating many kingdoms. So you have the church riding on a political power. You see, because the woman rides the beast And so for many centuries she was in control. You have a union of church and state. The names of blasphemy Is another key element to this prophecy That points directly at the roman catholic church. “We hold upon this earth the place of god almighty.” This puts a mortal man in the position of god And is ultimately the very definition of blasphemy. This is not meant to question the sincerity Of any specific pope, But the prophecy is addressing the office that he holds And the institution he represents. The woman is also clothed in unique colors. She has specific colors that are mentioned here, Not the color of white anymore, But now we have colors that represent, Strangely enough, two things: Royalty and prostitution. And specific colors that we happen to see Coming out in the historic Christian church later on In the colors of the priests Of the historic Christian church. Not only were these the principle colors Of the roman Caesars, But according to the catholic encyclopedia, Purple is the official color of bishops And scarlet for cardinals. In addition to the scarlet and the purple, We see that this harlot, or corrupt church, Possesses vast mineral riches. When one considers its countless artistic treasures of gold, Silver and pearls, the roman catholic church Is by far the wealthiest religious institution on earth. Every year tourists come from around the world To view the glittering opulence of the roman church. Another disturbing mark of this woman Is found in verse .

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