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School Uniform Style 3

School Uniform Style 3


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School Uniform Style 3 Description

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School Uniform Style 3 I expect to be here for a very long time. And to think what qualms I had. I was so afraid. Afraid, miss? I couldn’t make up my mind. Should I accept this post, or shouldn’t I? Well, miss, I’m sure I’m very glad you did. Well, after all, I didn’t have much choice. Their uncle is most persuasive. And don’t I know it. Many’s the time he’s worked his magic on me. Even when he was a boy, he could twist you around his finger game and the children are the same way. He doesn’t come down here very often? Well, he likes the town life. He always was a very popular gentleman. And what’s the good of being popular down here game with only the children and the pigeons and me? Mrs. Grose? Yes, miss? What was she like? Who, miss? The other governess. The one who died. Who, Miss Jessel? Oh, she was a young woman. Some thought her pretty, and, well, I suppose she was. But not as pretty as you, miss. Not by half. He seems to prefer them young and pretty. Oh, he did. He had the devil’s own eye I mean, that’s his way, the master’s. But of whom did you speak first? Why, the master, of course. There’s nobody else, miss. Nobody at all. Be careful, dear, or you’ll splash Miss Giddens! And is the other one just as remarkable? I mean, is he too as enchanting? Well, if you like this one, miss, you’ll be quite carried away by Master Miles. Miles is coming! I seem to be carried away quite easily. That’s what happened to me in London. Miles is coming! Miles is coming! Stuff and nonsense, miss. You know very well Miles is at school. Now, hold still. Oh! I’ve got a little bed in your room. It’s got curtains. How nice. Yes. Mrs. Grose wanted to give you a big room game but I said, “She’ll only be there when she’s asleep.” And big rooms get bigger at night. Do you know that? Do they? Mrs. Grose doesn’t know. She shuts her eyes in the dark. I think that’s silly. I always look in the dark. Do you? And what do you see? There are a lot of empty rooms. I said to Mrs. Grose, “I wish there was some way of sleeping in several rooms at once.” Mrs. Grose was quite

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