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School Ready Dress up Time

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  • School Ready Dress up Time

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    Please, let me explain. You don’t have to. I thought we had a connection but you still have something for Sean. I’m gonna leave you to whatever ing weird shit game Jack,Jack,Jack. Just slide it on down to chills-ville. Don’t be so harsh on Nancy. Who’s Nancy? Why is he calling you Nancy? Why? It was my other pet name for her. After Nancy Reagan. Nancy Sinatra. I’m gonna go. OK, wait, hang on. Wait, Jack, let me just tell you the truth because game now is as good a time as any just to confess. Confess what? The reason Sean called me Nancy was because I’m not called Jessica and the reason I’m not called Jessica is because I’m not actually Jessica. She’s Nancy. She’s Nancy Patterson. Thank you, Sean. Can you put your clothes back on and leave? Please. What about my kiss? Out. No. Jog on. Out! Anyway, look, I was in here with him because he said he wouldn’t tell you who I really was if I kissed him. The truth is, I’m not really your blind date. You thought I was, what with the book, the clock and the quid pro quo. So you’re not the girl that I was supposed to meet earlier? No. What?! I know! It sounds a bit mad. But don’t think of it as mad. Think of it as impulsive. What kind of person stands underneath a clock waiting to steal someone’s date? I wasn’t waiting. It’s not stealing in the conventional sense of the word. That girl gave me her book so that’s why you thought I was her. No, I thought you were her because you said you were. Did I actually say that? When were you thinking of telling me about this bizarre decision? There wasn’t actually a plan. I’m sure there wasn’t a plan. Because who would have a plan for something so ed up? I think people have done worse things in the world. I’m racking my brains. That girl wasn’t even right for you. We’ll never know. I’ll never meet her because you stole her. I was merely trying to meet my mate in the modern world. Who are you? I’m Nancy Patterson. Hello. Are you even a triathlete? That’s the next thing you ask? And where’s Jessica? Probably gone home by now. Past her bedtime.

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