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School Ready Dress up 2

School Ready Dress up 2


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School Ready Dress up 2 Description

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School Ready Dress up 2 Yeah. And then game Then we’re gonna put it game the casket over here in the front on some sawhorses. And maybe I’ll use the blowup mattress that you have for camping and I’ll put it right next to game you so I can sleep with you every night and hang out with you all the time, ’cause I really think I’m gonna need that and I really think that’s gonna help. You can do that, but you can always just open up the futon, you know? Eh. Whatever you like. I’m not gonna say nothing. Yeah, I assume people are gonna be coming over and bugging me. Yeah, I’ll tell them to do that. Yeah, he does that. And I just probably wanna just stay under the covers. She does that. And people are gonna be coming over trying to, you know, be supportive of me, bringing food and stuff. I picture it as being really, really beautiful for those few days. That’s Daniel, Bruce, Albert. Where are you? Good question, where am I? Oh, I must’ve taken the picture! Yeah, right. That’s my first mother, her name was Mary Hsu. These are the only pictures I know of where I am with my first mother, otherwise I don’t think I have any memories or other pictures. What were you playing? Blues. Got those graduation blues. Look at that hair! Don’t you love that? That was my version of a flattop hair cut. You have those pants still? No, I wore ’em out. You wore them out? God! You know, that’s one thing pretty cool about you is, you wear funky stuff. I mean, look at those game how many guys are gonna wear pants like that? Is that you? Yes! Wearing your Polka Plus outfit? Yeah. Why are you wearing your Polka Plus outfit? I had to change into Polka Plus uniform to join the band after this. Oh, fun! And who are these chicks? Do we know? I don’t think you know Cheryl RieggerKrugh, and I’m not sure if you know Snezana Cvejin. Is she the psychiatrist? Yes. I’ve met her, I met her at the barn. Then you know her. Remember that time I came up with the kids? Yeah. That’s when I met her. She got mad at you ’cause you were flirting with her in front of me. Now, she’s a decent human being.

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