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School readiness

School readiness


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School readiness Description

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School readiness of the Centre. Yeah, run. But you can’t race. I’m going to sleep. We forgot the B. Knees, knees. Anna, speed up! Work your arms. Come on! If you keep dawdling like this you’ll get beaten in Germany! Come on! The vest must contain the Olympic gold or what. kilos of weight set. You look splendid, girls. And I have another surprise for you. This is instead of alpine training. Here you go. You can’t mean this. Why shouldn’t I? Anna, speed up! Don’t try to piss me off! Speed up! Work the arms, come on! Hello Mrs Moravcova. Hello. We summoned you for yesterday. Why didn’t you come? I wasn’t feeling well. You look quite fine today. I’ve brought you the agreement of cooperation. I guess you’ve had enough time to make up your mind. Sorry but my daughter is preparing for a very important race and it’s all we can think about now. How long will you need to think about it? Give me a month please. I won’t have any time for Mr Kriz by then anyway. Fine. See you. Thank you. Bye. We’ll send her for a chest Xray. Hop! Two. Hop! Three. Hop! Martina, what’s wrong with you? The Achilles tendon is killing me. Aren’t you making it up? What? I don’t want to see your results in Germany. Do some rehab ex. Anna, excellentjob. If you keep on working like this I’m sure you’ll make the limit. Do some jogging and then home. Mum, I thought I should go and see some normal doctor. Why? Don’t you feel well? I haven’t had my period back yet. It’s weird, isn’t it? It used to happen to me too when I trained hard. Don’t worry. Anna, do it properly! Jesus Christ. Still the period worries me. Martina said Stromba makes women infertile. What does Martina know about it? You just train too much, that’s all. I would hate to be caught now when I’m back in shape. I’m really glad we decided that I would quit taking it. Hello. Hello. Are you waiting for an Xray? No. Hello. Go in and strip to the waist. Mrs Moravcova, take off your bra. Come closer. More. Now press your chest against the Xray. When the red light goes on, you’ll hold your breath for seconds.

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