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School in the spring

School in the spring


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School in the spring Description

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School in the spring Is the person who made that statement present in this courtroom? Yes, Games. Would you point that person out for the jury? Right there. May the record reflect that the witness has identified Damien Echols. If anybody else is in this courtroom, who was present when that statement was made, would you point that person out for the jury? Your Honor, may the record reflect the witness has identified the other defendant, Jason Baldwin. Games, are you all right? After that I called the police. And by the time Officer Meek came to the drivethrough, the man was already gone. And the next day, uh, after the bodies were found, and, uh, Detective Ridge and Allen came over and took a report. They came over straight from the crime scene, and one of them asked me, he said, Games Did the black man appear to have muddy feet? Games Like me, because we’ve been out there all morning long in the water and mud. Games Okay. And when you looked at him, what did you say? Um, I said, Games Yes, Games. Games ‘Cause his pants and shoes were muddy and wet up to the knees. Games Just like you. Games Detective Ridge, on May th, , you went to the Bojangles Restaurant. Did you take blood scrapings from inside the women’s restroom? Yes, Games. I found trace remains in the ladies’ bathroom of the Bojangles. Detective, what is the date you sent the scrapings to the crime lab to be analyzed? They were never sent. All right. Where are the samples at this time, Detective? I don’t know, Games. They were lost. What? You mean blood evidence that you took for the purpose of sending to the crime lab is just lost? Yes, Games. That’s my mistake. I lost a piece of evidence. Now, Damien, this book on witchcraft, where did you get that? The library had these books they were getting rid of for cents each. Damien, there’s some pages in there that are underlined in red, references to the devil. That was already done when I got it. I think somebody had a report to do ’cause all through the book there’s like little notes, dates, and stuff like that in the margin. Okay.

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