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School in the spring Time

School in the spring Time


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School in the spring Time Description

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He has to do French and Latin. And maths. Oh, like arithmetic? No, not just arithmetic. Um, it’s called alge Games Um, alge-bra. Oh. And sport? Does he do his football? Oh, no. They play rugger. Ethel! Oh, sorry, must go. You shouldn’t go on about it to Mrs Bennet, dear. Why not? Well, her boy didn’t get in anywhere. He’s a bricklayer now. I don’t see why I shouldn’t be proud of my own son. Yeah? Well, OK. UPBEAT MUSIC Hey, hey! Mum! Look! What do you reckon? Smashing, Dad! It’s electric, son. I hope you can keep control of it, Ernest. Can I have a go on it? Just you keep away from it. Oh Games It’s dangerous. ERNEST LAUGHS See you later. Bye! ERNEST WHISTLES DOG BARKS IN BACKGROUND Hello, Ern. Hello, Alf. Ta. How goes it, then? Oh, not good. My old lady, she’s getting a bit much. Oh? Rows, you mean? Money? No, no, no. You know Games The other. Mm? It’s the change. She’s on the change. Too demanding. Do you know what I mean? I can’t cope. It’s too much for me. So Games if you ever fancy, you know Games You’d be doing me a favour. Eh? What? You mean, er Games ? I’ll be out next Saturday, football. Fulham’s at home. So Games You mean you Games ? Yeah, like I say, you’d be doing me a favour. ERNEST SNIFFS Ah, blimey, no. No, mate. No, I couldn’t. Sorry, no. I’ve got a barrow to push. Er, no hard feelings. Nor me neither. Ta-da, Alf. See you, Ern. Alf! MUSIC: The Laughing Policeman by Charles Jolly I know a fat old policeman He’s always on our street A fat and jolly red-faced man He really is a treat He’s too kind for a policeman He’s never known to frown And everybody says he is the happiest man in town Games Mrs Briggs? Yes. Detective Sergeant Burnley, CID. Oh, no. Whatever is Games ? Your son was apprehended breaking and entering the golf club and stealing valuable billiard cues. No! He’s lucky. This time we’re letting him off with a caution.

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