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School Girl Styl Dress Up

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  • School Girl Styl Dress Up

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    School Girl Styl Dress Up Description

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    Hey, you two, let’s go grab a drink. Yeah. You wanna go? Sure. How you doin’? I’m Gus. You know, for a minute there Games I thought it was Smokey the Bear Games makin’ a call in that booth. ‘Cause of your jacket. Oh. Bernie Games Miriam’s never been on a boat. She’s scared of the water. Has she never? I told her I don’t know how Games she’s gonna date a guy in the Coast Guard. I’m not scared. I live on the Cape. Don’t worry, Miriam. You know, we, uh Games We all get scared out there. I’m not afraid of the water, Bernie. It scares me at night, that’s all. You can’t see what’s underneath. Just more water. You know, I get funnier as the night goes on. So, why, uh Games Why didn’t you wanna meet me for a date? Why’d you Games Why’d you wait so long? I didn’t know if you’d be a Games If I’d what? You know. No. You’re so handsome Games I just didn’t know if you’d be attracted to me. Oh, God, no, Miriam. You’re exactly how I pictured you. Yeah? Oh, yeah. Better. You know Games My brother, uh Games He always says that, “When you know, you just know.” Which one? Uh, all of it. I guess, you know, everything. No. I mean, which brother? Oh. Ay Games Uh, Paul. My brother, Paul. He’s the one who fought over in Germany, right? In Germany, yeah. He’s the oldest. Father’s favorite. All three of my brothers went over to the war. He’s your father’s what? Hey. We should get Miriam out on a boat tonight. What do you say, Bernie, hmm? We take out the dory. It’ll be fantastic. You know we can’t do that, Gus. We could get in trouble. Come on, Bernie. It’ll be fun. Rules are rules. No. We don’t gotta row out far. Just so this sweet girl can say Games she’s been on a boat, that’s it. A rowboat? No. No. No, no. Small boats that Games How about one of those bigger boats? Tied up to the dock? If Bernie’s with me, I’ll do it. Oh, a fishing boat? Those fishermen don’t want us around Games unless we’re pullin’ them in. They think they own the goddamn water. They’re not very nice. Come on. Don’t be such a fathead, Miriam. Yeah.

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