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School clothing

School clothing


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School clothing Games Nobody knows what happened but me. Games They have to use stunts like that, what else they got? The State sent items to the lab and out of all that they got nothing that directly links Damien, Jason and Jessie to that crime scene. Look at this. Remember how Gitchell told the press that the case number ending in was a coincidence? This police report was signed by Detective Ridge three days after our case was assigned, and the case number ends in . They actually changed our case number to the number of the beast? This is a goddamn witch hunt. Our boys were never suspects in this case. They were targets. And once they set their sights on Jason and Damien, they stopped looking for anybody else. But we don’t have to. We can keep looking. Ron, we tried to go through everything, but they keep sending us mountains of stuff. Whatever it takes. We may not be able to prove our boys didn’t do it. We might be able to prove the cops never really tried to find out who did. AARON’. I was there. Don’t you see? And nobody knows what happened but me. About a year ago Damien told me that the local devil worshippers had reached the end of their animal sacrifice stage. So that summer he said they were gonna take the next logical step. Sacrifice a human. A human. At any time Wednesday were you in Robin Hood Woods? No. Were you present when those boys were killed? No. Do you suspect anyone of having killed those three boys? No. Do you know who killed those three boys? No. Did you kill any of those three boys? No. GLORY. I know, but this crime is unthinkable. What if they did it? Have you thought of that? Do you want some dessert? I have that chocolate pie you like. No thanks, Annie. I’m fine. You seemed upset when you were in here the other day, having lunch with that lady. She’s really pretty. She’s my exwife. Oh. Not ex for too long, huh? So you okay lately? I’ve been worried about you. Thanks, Annie, I’m fine. You know what I’m doing on this case? Sure, I do. You understand why I have to help them. If you don’t help those poor boys, who will? Nobody will.

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