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Russian Cute Girl

Russian Cute Girl


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Russian Cute Girl Description

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You know, in case we want to come down and plant some cabbages one day. Right, Stu. Looks like you might have a break above the knee. Nothing I can do now, but I’ve given you another stick of morphine, yeah? I know it chafes but you’re not dying today, yeah. You’re a strong er, you’re gonna be alright. Onto the paperwork. Oi, Tug. Yes, mate. Give us a fag, would you mate? Mate, just one bine. What’s it gonna do? Blow my other leg off? You legend, mate. I won’t tell on you if you don’t tell on me. Stable down here, Mark. How we doing on cas evac? Nobody else in, mate. I’ve got comms from Normandy. The medic can come in, Dave, no one else. Be my guest. Marked route, pal. You’re Kilo Five Bravo Spud’s Kilo Five Alpha and Normandy’s Kilo Two. Cheers, pal. Alex, how are you for fluids, pal? Hello Kilo Five Alpha, this is Kilo Five Bravo, Over. Kilo Five Alpha, what’s the status on casualty, over. Corporal Hale is P one. Stable but needs immediate evac, Spud. Can casualty be moved to Normandy for evac? Over. Wait out. Medics, can we carry him out? Well, he’s stable when he’s flat. At an angle there’s a chance he could bleed out or bleed in. We need a winch, pal. That’s what I’ve been saying. We’ve got a stretcher. We should have enough bodies to keep him level. Have you seen how steep it is? Just cut the corner, go up the re-entrant. No way are we leaving the path. I’m saying stick tight, wait here for the heli. That’s my opinion. Mark, what you thinking? We need to pull him away from the rocks. Get him in the open. There, the raised bank. Alright. Right lads, listen up. I need two bodies to help clear a route over there. Kilo Five Alpha, send, over. Kilo Five Bravo, preparing to move. Tidy, step in. I want youse on your belt buckles, shoulder to shoulder. I’m gonna follow youse with the flags. Roger. Wait out. Come on, lads, let’s move. You’re seeing this? Kilo Two to Kilo Five Alpha. movement on the six one one. Might be headed your way. Roger Kilo Two, keep your eyes on it. Kilo Five Alpha to all call signs. Be advised, enemy movement in the vicinity of Tangi.

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