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Russian Cute Girl Adventure

Russian Cute Girl Adventure


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Russian Cute Girl Adventure Description

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You cannot stop this, Mister Doctor. I don’t even know what “this” is. It’s the end and the beginning. The many becoming the few becoming the One. If you’re not gonna start making sense, I’m just gonna to have to put this thing back on. Tell me, Mister Doctor Radio My name is Doctor Stephen Strange. You are a doctor? Yeah. A scientist. You understand the laws of nature. All things age. All things die. In the end, our sun burns out. Our universe grows cold and perishes. But the Dark Dimension, it’s a place beyond time. That’s it. I’m putting this thing back on. This world doesn’t have to die, doctor. This world can take its rightful place alongside so many others, as part of the One. The great and beautiful One. We can all live forever. Really? What do you have to gain out of this New Age dimensional utopia? The same as you. The same as everyone. Life. Eternal life. People think in terms of good and evil, when really time is the true enemy of us all. Time kills everything. What about the people you killed?

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