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Russian Cute Girl 2

Russian Cute Girl 2


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Russian Cute Girl 2 Description

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Russian Cute Girl 2 Where is he now? In the kitchen. What’s he doing? He eats. What did he eat? Eggs. You made him eggs? Yes. Tell him to come. You tell him. Hello. Bring the children upstairs. The children should stay. They go upstairs. Christos, Katerina, up, fast. Be right with you. Do you know him? Calm down, okay? I see him for the first time. I was only two when you’re gone. You’ve also changed you. He says he’s your son. You know, I have only one son. And another two in Crete. In Crete? What are you talking about? Go or I’ll call the police. Great. Call them. What? You little prick. Go. Call them. Seriously? Come on, call them! Go. No. Call to the police. Go, you little asshole. Get out, you bastard. Come on, before I forget myself! Get out before something happens. Go! I’ve hurt me! We are wild what? Down. I’m coming. It takes a minute. Move it. I’m taking the kids to the room. Hurry up, Ms Vivi. You are a big asshole, are you listening? I see you! Come on, put down the weapon. Let’s go out. Let’s talk man to man, not in front of the children. The children? Do not make me laugh. Sit down! What do you want anyway? Sit down on the chair! So, I sat down. Legal recognition and money. Not much. What you owe us. What do I owe you? And how much would it be? I do not know. ., maybe? Oh, really? Listen, my boy. What is your name? Natasha! Don’t you remember? Try it. My name is Dany, the short form of Daniel. I have locked them in the room. Okay, Dany. Let’s start again from scratch. Chill out. I am calm. You come into my house, threaten my wife in front of my children, wave a weapon and asking money. I’ll give you money, but I’m not the one you are looking for. I’m not your father, got it? You’re making a mistake. Your mistake was, to bring me to the world. Sit down! Where is your mother? I’ll call her and tell her I’m not the one. Bad luck. She died two weeks ago. Then we call someone who knows your father. Someone has to know him. He. Hello. Where are you, damn it? I’m off in two minutes. Now before? But they said game Now, I tell you.

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